Refreshing the Mind in Singapore’s Most Beautiful Garden, Gardens by the Bay

Have you ever imagined a place full of various types of flowers that unite and bloom in the same place? Incomparable beauty, when the dazzling colors of flowers radiate in almost every corner. That’s the view that you will encounter when visiting Gardens by the Bay, one of the most beautiful iconic in Singapore, that offer views and panoramas of a dream garden for flora enthusiasts.

Gardens by the Bay is an artificial botanical garden, and it is one of the most beautiful and most visited destinations in Singapore. Gardens by the Bay, with 101 hectares park in size, is home to millions of plant species. You can buy Gardens by the Bay tickets online through the Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp, an all-in-one application and indeed makes your life easier!

Then, what’s most exciting about one of the most beautiful destinations in Singapore? Here is a review of Gardens by the Bay, special for you.

About Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay first appeared in 2006, when an international masterplan design competition was held, which was participated by architects worldwide. More than 70 garden designs from 24 countries were in this competition, including 35 garden designs from Singapore architects.

After selecting several masterplan designs, a public exhibition was held to choose the garden design chosen by visitors. Finally, the design with the most voters was chosen, and the master plan for the Gardens by the Bay design was made. After more than 15 years of existence, Gardens by the Bay has received numerous awards, has been visited by more than 75 million, and is home to millions of plants worldwide.

Exploration of Gardens by the Bay

To realize the National Parks Board Singapore’s vision of creating a city within a park in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay has been created. If looking to the success has been achieved, it can be said that Gardens by the Bay becoming the actual representative of Singapore as the leading global city of the 21st century.

Currently, there are many attractions that visitors can visit at Gardens by the Bay, including indoor and outdoor attractions. All attractions provided by Gardens by the Bay have their uniqueness and beauty. Some of these attractions include:

Cloud Forest

In this tourist attraction, you will be present with the beauty of an indoor waterfall surrounded by various types of exotic plants from around the world.

Flower Dome

Do you want to see a garden filled with various types of flowers with beautiful colors in one place? Flower Dome could be one of the destinations you might want to visit. Here, you will be present with nine refreshing gardens filled with various plants from cool-dry regions worldwide.

Flower Fantasy

Representing the name, you will feel like in a fairy tale when you enter the Floral Fantasy. There are four landscape gardens that have been provided, and each of them has its uniqueness, which will surely amaze you with its beauty.

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