These are the Predictions for the 5 Most Popular Game Genres in 2021

In 2020, we find some popular games. Starting from MOBA, FPS, Battle Royale, to MMORPG. Among the many game genres that are present, some were popular this year, but there are also some that have faded.

So, welcoming the new year, what game genres will and will still be popular in 2021? Here is the prediction!

1. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

Due to the success of Mobile Legends in the last few years, it is certain that MOBA will still be popular in 2021. Plus, in early 2021, Riot Games will reportedly officially release a full version of Wild Rift for mobile.

The arrival of Wild Rift into the MOBA market in Indonesia certainly makes gamers very enthusiastic, considering that Mobile Legends seems to have no competition, except for AOV from Garena.

2. Multiplayer Role-playing Game

The names of MMORPG games on PC are almost inaudible, but not the case with the mobile version. In the mobile version (Android and iOS), MMORPG games are very popular in fact, almost every day there are new games released on mobile.

In addition, developer income from MMORPG games is actually quite large thanks to the gacha feature. This feature makes many players willing to burn their money to get a character with high rarity.

3. Battle Royale

Bigetron RA’s success in bringing Indonesia’s name to the international arena should be appreciated. This proves that the PUBG Mobile Indonesia team can no longer be underestimated.

Turning to another game, Free Fire, this game is also very popular, even winning an award as the best mobile game at the 2020 Esports Award.

Seeing the many achievements provided by Indonesian teams in international championships in this genre, making Battle Royale will be even more popular in the future, especially in 2021.

4. First Person Shooter (FPS)

Call of Duty Mobile is the most popular game in 2020, especially for FPS games on mobile. The game was formed thanks to the collaboration between Tencent and Activision.

Even though the hype was not as big as in 2019, Garena and CODM still have a big vision in bringing Indonesian athletes to compete on the world stage. One of them is the CODM World Championship 2020 which was held a few months ago.

5. Survival

Survival is a game genre that invites players to survive the disaster that is befalling the main character. Whether it’s the accident, the spread of disease, nature, or an attack from several factors.

To survive, usually the main character must get several items in order to achieve the goals that have been given. These items must also be crafted to become a tool that helps the main character pass through obstacles in the game.

So, those are the five game genres that are predicted to be popular in 2021. Of the five list of game genres above, which one do you like the most?