In my experience, my work with you will have three key elements:

(A) to diagnose specific health and illness issues on-farm and to develop a plan for restoring health and enhancing performance;

(B) to assist you and your team in developing the observational and assessment skills to be able to diagnose/restore matters yourself;


(C) to help you see your team’s activities in the larger agroecological and biodynamic contexts – in other words to see your activities and your operation as a whole, dynamic, evolving system and to learn to deeply understand that system.

These steps put you in a far better postion to master the many tasks your operation requires of you.

As a result, my approach is a blend of diagnostic/therapeutic work and customized professional instruction.

To discuss your needs, send me an email or call me at
1-260-782-8621. I look forward to our conversation.

Brief Bio

Dr. Lorand was raised in the Midwest where he first fell in love with farming. Later trained in Switzerland, he learned about biodynamics in 1973. He holds a Zurich State Diploma in General Agriculture and Swiss Federal Certification in Farm Management (specializing in both milk production and viticulture). He farmed full-time for over ten years.

Lorand also holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Education from Penn State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences (specializing in ecological production systems, international agriculture and farmer education). He wrote an award-winning doctoral dissertation on biodynamics. 

He is the former Director of the Biodynamic Training Program at Kimberton and a past Associate Director of the North Amercian Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association.

He has been advising farmers, gardeners and growers of all kinds since 1981 and had served as a consultant to larger organizations such as the European Commission in Brussels on the development of ecological agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe and worked with the OECD in Paris on EcoBanking.

One of the pioneers of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Lorand was a member of the first CSA in North America in the mid-1980’s, and was an integral part of developing the early CSA conferences (including the first three nationally in the US and the first two in California) and served as an advisor to many start-up CSAs. He has also given in depth workshops on CSA to groups in Holland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and in Switzerland  – and has given many talks on CSA and its underlying principles throughout Europe, North America and Mexico.

From 1997 to 2000 Lorand founded and developed an ecological agriculture program at a large community college (with a focus on organic viticulture and horticulture). From early 2000 to Spring 2002 he was the Dean of the School of Agriculture at small, private college pioneering accredited degrees in biodynamics. He is currently consulting full-time and devoting more time to research and writing.